Vietnamese Mooncake - [VIDEO | 有片]

This year’s Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival lies on Monday, September 24 according to the Lunar Calendar. It will always be the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calendar, a night where the moon is at its roundest and fullest 🌚. People usually go out to “catch” the moon, play lanterns and of course, eat moon cakes to celebrate this festival. Having mooncakes during this festival is as important as eating turkeys on Thanksgiving Day for the western cultures.

Tokyo Highway [Unboxed Video]

Tokyo Highway is a 2-player dexterity game which becomes a surprisingly interesting puzzle that you and your opponent introduce to one another each turn. This game from Japanese designer, Sashi & Sashi, has been a somewhat of a cult hit in the boardgaming community since it’s release since its original release in 2016 – primary due to the small production and low availability outside Japan.

Tofu Flower Dessert – 豆腐花食譜 – [VIDEO | 有片]


Tofu Fa (豆腐花) is a traditional Chinese dessert. You can often order them in Chinese restaurants. “Fa” in Chinese means flower. It’s an image to describe when the tofu cracks. If you made it with fresh soy milk, there will be a strong aroma of soy beans which is quite delicious. It is white, smooth and silky. Here is the recipe our family used for years. Enjoy! Recipe 食譜 For 4 people | 四人份 Time: 30 mins | 時間:30 分鐘 1. Pour 1L of unsweetened soy milk in a pot,…

A New Healthy Choice for Ramen in Toronto – TSUJIRI

Ramen (ラーメン) is a Japanese adaptation of the Chinese Lamian (拉麺). “拉” means pull and “麺” means noodle. In full that means Ramen is made by twisting, stretching, pulling and folding the dough into strands, using the weight of the dough. A bowl of ramen must be combined with wheat noodles and soup. A good bowl of ramen is usually not very healthy. If we combined the fat, cabs and sodium together. One bowl of tonkatsu ramen (568g) can be up to 656 calories. On top of that, it also…