Toronto’s first Ramen Misoya

Address: 646 Queen Street West, Toronto

Today is the grand opening of the Ramen Misoya downtown Toronto which is a restaurant that the Michelin Guide has recommended. It first opened its restaurant in Montreal. However, it did not create a  lot of noise in Montreal. Now, Misoya has joined the Toronto ramen market.

There are few ramen restaurants such as Kinton, Sansotei, and Raijin that dominate the Toronto ramen market. I cannot keep track on the number of ramen places opened on Yonge Street. There are lots of competition within the GTA and the market will soon be saturated. With that in mind, I do have high hope and expectation when a new chain enters the market.

I am a bit disappointed on the design of the entrance. It looks dated, doesn’t give me the vibe that this is a brand new restaurant that just opened today.

Today is the grand opening, I assumed everything would be new; however, it is not the case. There are scratches on the table already and the plastic tumblers also look like they have been used for quite some time. Hmmm… Interesting.

We have ordered a “Gold” miso ramen and a curry ramen. I have to admit that the char siu are the THICKEST I have ever seen in Toronto. They tasted quite tender as well. The soup and noodles are fairly standard, no surprises here. In my opinion, you can find better soup base and ramen elsewhere. Lastly, I think it is a little pricey too. The “Gold” miso ramen without discount would cost $16.50!


Overall, I think there is other ramen places that are better than Ramen Misoya in Toronto. It is definitely worth trying with their grand opening promotion if you are around the area. Enjoy!

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