Cuppa Tea – HK style Milk Tea - [VIDEO | 有片]

I got overly excited when I saw someone posted Cuppa Tea’s (KWONG FONG YUEN) milk tea on IG. I am a HUGE fan of Hong Kong style milk tea and have been drinking it since I was little. I was attracted by their bottle design. It looks smart, trendy, and well-thought out.

The shop is renovated in such a way that reminds you of HK. They have a replica of a HK telephone booth from the good old days, street signs, a HKSARS sign, and vintage decors. Their menu offers some of the most traditional HK drinks and snacks, such as regular milk tea, milk tea with condensed milk (茶走), Ovaltine, Horklicks, bubble waffles (雞蛋仔) and fish balls (魚蛋).

We ordered a hot regular milk tea that was served in that appealing bottle for $5.65. They will also give you the bottle if you order cold. I wouldn’t call the drink HOT. It was lukewarm when the barista handed it over. We weren’t aware you can adjust the sugar level so the tea came in a little too sweet for our palates. It did had that classic milk tea flavour with a mix of the modish bubble tea reminder. It had streaks of tea (掛杯) when it was shaken around, suggesting that it is a thicker substance which is something you want to see with milk teas. Similar to wine legs, maybe tea legs??? Is there such a thing as tea legs??? 😱

I personally think it is over-priced for a cup of milk tea. You can find cheaper and better options elsewhere. If you are around the core area of Midtown Toronto where there is very limited options  and have a serious craving for HK style drinks, this is not half bad of a spot. I also have to give the benefit of the doubt to Cuppa Tea because we only tried one thing of their very interesting menu and they seem to have established a customer flow. I mean they must be doing something right, right?

20 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H5

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