Never starve again in Hamilton – The Mule

My sister used to study in Hamilton and every time she came home to Toronto, she would stuff her face as if she didn’t eat for months. If you are in the same situation as her or are planning to go to Hamilton to see all those amazing waterfalls but not sure what to eat then it’s your lucky day for landing on this blog!

The Mule, a Mexican tacos bar, offers some of the most delicious soft tacos I have ever tried! Their dishes are genuinely seasoned and the tortilla shells are fresh and soft. The pork belly taco is a must try. It was very juicy, perfectly paired with the garnish and it will melt in your mouth. It makes me drool just thinking about it. If you are feeling more Mexican, you should try their chicken wings and potatoes from the appetizer menu. They definitely have a stronger Mexican taste to them in a good way!

The restaurant atmosphere is perfect for anyone who just love to relax and chit chat. Couples? No problem! Students? No problem! Small families? No problem! Friends, who want to gossip? No problem! Date nights? Umm… just retain yourself from licking off those taco sauces from your fingers but then again who needs love when you’ve TACOS! Anyways, it’s a neatly decorated bar to recommend for anyone of any age.

The tacos range from $4-6 per piece and two to three tacos plus some appetizers to share amongst a table of 4 should satisfy those hungry stomachs.

P.S. while you are there go check out the FIRST Tim Hortons in Canada! Although it no longer has the same look and feels from years ago but after all that’s where it all began!

Name: The Mule (
Address: 41 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A2

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