Realtime Global Flight Online Tracking Service

Do you want to know how many flights now are flying at the same time? I mean, literally NOW, in the air. Do you also want to see if your flight has arrived yet while you are waiting and waiting and keep waiting at the boarding area? Flight Radar 24 is definitely one of the best tools I have ever seen. You can see most of the flights flying in real time on the map. On top of it, the service is free and also cross platform. They have IOS apps and Android apps.

Once you get into the site, you can basically search the flight by entering the flight number. You do not only see the location of the flight, you can also see it MOVE!!! It is very interesting. I will sit in front of it just looking at all the moving flights for the afternoon. It also provides you information such as flight delay. If you want, you can pay to unlock some features such as airport views or fleet views.

How they got there?

Flightradar24 started as a hobby project in 2006 when two Swedish aviation geeks decided to build a network of ADS-B receivers in Northern and Central Europe. In 2009 we opened up the network and made it possible for anyone with an ADS-B receiver to upload data to the network. Many parts of the world were quickly covered, but the quest to provide global ADS-B coverage is still ongoing. Click here to support them financially so that they map keep providing accurate information for everyone!


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