About 我哋

BILIBALA is a phrase in Chinese, Cantonese and Mandarin, which means somebody is always create a lot of noise. We, of course, want to create lots of noise, constructive noise thou!!!! We as a group of normal people would like to comments on lots of different things. Most of us are located in Toronto but not raised from Toronto, therefore our comments/opinions will already be in different angles.

We are not a profitable business, or we are not even a business. Who are we? AGAIN!!! We are a group of bloggers/friends/people/etc who would like to comments on different things, make noise. O, I almost forgot. We want to keep all the information as true as possible. All the comments and blogs are not influenced by profit. We want to BILIBALA the TRUTH for you to determine whether you want to try them, to get them, to buy them or to BILIBALA them.

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