Tofu Flower Dessert – 豆腐花食譜 – [VIDEO | 有片]


Tofu Fa (豆腐花) is a traditional Chinese dessert. You can often order them in Chinese restaurants. “Fa” in Chinese means flower. It’s an image to describe when the tofu cracks. If you made it with fresh soy milk, there will be a strong aroma of soy beans which is quite delicious. It is white, smooth and silky. Here is the recipe our family used for years. Enjoy!

Recipe 食譜

For 4 people | 四人份
Time: 30 mins | 時間:30 分鐘

1. Pour 1L of unsweetened soy milk in a pot, high heat until boil. Stir it often; don’t burn it! 將1公升淡豆漿倒入鍋中,加熱至沸騰。
2. Put 1 tablespoon of corn starch and 1 teaspoon of EDIBLE gypsum powder into a small bowl and mix it with small amount of water. 將一湯匙粟粉和一茶匙熟石膏粉放入一個小碗中,並與少量水混合。
3. When the soy milk is boiled, quickly stir the gypsum powder mixture to ensure there is no residue. Pour the gypsum mixture into a separate flat-bottom pot (flat-bottom is a must!) then pour the soy milk into the mixture. 當豆漿滾時,將剛才撈好的粉水倒落另外一個平底煲(一定要平底煲),然後迅速地將滾起的豆漿撞落去!
4. Cover the pot with a paper towel to avoid the condensation to drip onto the tofu flower 用煲蓋加一張抹手紙蓋住,以免倒汗水滴在豆腐花上。
5. Wait (patiently) for 20 mins. We can make the syrup now. 耐心地等大約20分鐘。現在可以做糖水。
6. Put some gingers and some sugar (any kind of sugar) into the 500ml of water. Cook until boil. 將少許薑和大約500毫升水放入煲中加熱,然後再加適量片糖,加熱至沸騰。
7. After 20 mins, carefully open the lid and DONE! 夠鐘時,小心開蓋。成功完成

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